Kalapuya Talking Stones

Stones Honoring the Indigenous Peoples of the Willamette Valley

Whilamut Natural Area, Alton Baker Park

The Kalapuya Talking Stones were installed in December 2002 in the Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park. The stones were quarried from a basalt deposit in traditional Kalapuya territory and were designed to serve as an education and cultural reference points, as well as beautiful art objects. The stones reintroduce words of the Kalapuya Language onto the original homelands of the Kalapuya people where they once hunted and onto waters that carried their canoes.

There are 15 stones with Kalapuya words in various locations across the Whilamut Natural Area of the park. A full map of the locations can be found here.

Story by Kommema Cultural Protection Association; Citizen Planning Committee for the Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park